Front-end Developer

Job description

Purpose - To deliver user interfaces for conversational AI projects as part of an agile delivery team.


  • Define the implementation details of requirements and size them appropriately
  • You deliver high quality user interface solutions you have committed to for the agreed deadline.
  • You plan your own time appropriately to ensure you are tackling all aspects of a software delivery project, including timely code reviews and team collaboration
  • Potential for role to be code focused or hybrid code/UI design

Salary - From £45k

Job requirements


    • Track record of delivery of high quality accessible web front-end experiences and JavaScript applications
    • 3-5 years experience as a front-end developer
    • Proficient in user interface development with reactive frameworks, preferably vue.js
    • Proficient in HTML/CSS
    • Experience in developing single-page applications and interactive web interfaces
    • Experience in organising projects using best practices so as to reduce complexity and ensure resulting solutions are scalable, modular
    • Experience in developing UIs that are compatible across browsers and devices
    • Good knowledge of best practices in development methodologies and working in an agile team
    • Comfortable with tooling such as Git, Webpack/Gulp and CSS pre-processors